Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hadoop etc

Cheat sheet of Hadoop stuff


sqoop import --connect jdbc:netezza://host/dbname --username yourusername --password=yourpassword --query "SELECT * FROM tableA where \$CONDITIONS and columnA >= '2012-08-01'"  --direct --fields-terminated-by '\t' --split-by columnB--num-mappers 1 --target-dir /user/tsusanto/input_data/20120803 --compression-codec org.apache.hadoop.io.compress.GzipCodec

DELETE. You can also delete records using sqoop:
sqoop eval --connect jdbc:netezza://host/dbname --username yourusername --password=yourpassword# -e "delete from yourtable where columnA= 926"


write a value to a file in HDFS:
echo 'test123' | hadoop fs -put - yourfilepath

display a few rows of your data file stored in hadoop file system
hadoop fs -text /user/tsusanto/yourdatafolder/part* | less

to search a text string
hadoop fs -text /user/tsusanto/yourdatafolder/part* | grep -P '\byoursearchstring\b'

move a file from hadoop file system to your local current folder
hadoop fs -get /user/tsusanto/jobs/yourfolder/workflow.xml .

delete a file from hadoop file system.  You must delete the file before you can push a new file to the same location, file must not exists
hadoop fs -rm -r /user/tsusanto/jobs/yourfolder/workflow.xml

move a file to the hadoop file system from your current folder
hadoop fs -put workflow.xml /user/tsusanto/jobs/yourfolder/


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