Friday, November 22, 2013

Netezza ERROR: 65798 : no more space for TXMgr transactions array

Every now and then, in Netezza, we'll get an error message : ERROR:  65798 : no more space for TXMgr transactions array.

When this happens, nobody can issue an query against the database, and the database is unusable.

There is a limit of approximately 65,000 transaction objects in Netezza. Once that limit is reached, the system will not accept any new queries. It usually isn't a problem because as transactions completes, the spot that was taken up by that query is freed up and given to new queries. However, sometimes there will be queries that will get stuck and will hang onto the transaction objects until we go into the system and manually abort those sessions.

This script will look for queries that has been running for more than 24 hours (it's an argument thus configurable), and sends an email that displays how long it has been running, the username, the sql command, and automatically kills the sessions.

#! /bin/bash


if [ -z "$1" ]
  then MaxMinutes=1440


nzsql -t -c "select id, conntime, username, dbname, command from _v_session where status='active' and command is not null
;" > sessionstokill.txt 2>&1

CurrentTimeEpoch=$(date +%s)
message="Long Running Queries:\n----------------\n"

while read line

  id=`echo $line | cut -d"|" -f1`
  starttime=`echo $line | cut -d"|" -f2`
  username=`echo $line | cut -d"|" -f3`
  dbname=`echo $line | cut -d"|" -f4`
  command=`echo $line | cut -d"|" -f5`
  StartTimeEpoch=$(date -d "$starttime" +%s)
  DifferenceInMinutes=$((($CurrentTimeEpoch - $StartTimeEpoch)/(60)))

  #if it has been running for more than X minutes (argument 1)
  if [ $DifferenceInMinutes -ge $MaxMinutes ] && [ $id > 0 ];
     message+="SESSIONID: ${id} has been running for ${DifferenceInMinutes} minutes.\nUSERNAME:${username}\nDATABASE:${dbname}\nSQL:${command}\n"
     #we only want to kill it if the queries came from these users
     if [[ "$username" == *INTERNAL*_W* ]] || [[ "$username" == *ADMIN* ]];
        message+="\n!!This session will be killed!!\n";

        `nzsession abortTxn -force -id $id`


done < sessionstokill.txt

if [ $rowcount -gt 0 ]
  sendMail -dst "" -msg "Long Running Queries / Hung Transactions NZ" -bodyText "$message"


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